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This patented double camera strap/harness is a work-horse for those long days of shooting with two cameras. Hang out with your 70-200 on your right side and your favorite closer lens on your left. Now you're ready for business.
Shoulder pad built with nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam and polyester air mesh will keep you cool and comfortable for those demanding shoots.
Includes adjustable length nylon webbing with buckles, 2 full sets of connector (CR-3), 2 pcs Lock Star, 2 pcs fastener (FR-5) hardware, and a polyester dust bag.

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Product Specs

  • Strap length with pad: Regular 160 cm, Slim 132 cm
  • Pad consists of: Nylon mono mesh, TPE foam,
    polyester and air mesh
  • Pad Length: Regular 40.5 cm, Slim 38 cm
  • Pad Width: Regular 5.5 cm - 9.5 cm, Slim 4.5 cm - 8 cm
  • Pad Thickness: .65 cm
  • Webbing: 100% Nylon
  • Webbing Width: 2.5 cm
  • Cam buckles
  • Includes 2 ConnectR (CR-3)
  • 2 LockStar
  • 2 FastenR (FR-5)
  • Polyester dust bag 
  • Product Weight: Regular 12.45 oz, Slim 11.36 oz

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For the WORKING photographer

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Previously, I was carrying around THOUSANDS of dollars worth of equipment on a $13 strap. I know... crazy. I decided to invest in a good dual harness. I went back in forth between, the expensive and fashionable, leather harness or the new Blackrapid Double Breathe. After a lot of research and review, there was no way the leather harness could work as well as the Blackrapid with its features and function. I used it for the first time yesterday, and first, yes it blows the cheap harness out of the water, so people, please don't ever go there like I did. I shot 7 hours straight, non-stop. No pain or discomfort, it made carrying the 2 cameras a real pleasure. Even when I would disconnect 1 camera for an overhead shot or something, the camera that was still on the harness still felt balanced! It was warm (85 deg F) and sunny and I was running around, but the Double Breathe didn't make me sweat any more. The bottom line is if you really "work" when you shoot, you want the Double Breathe.

Exciting improvement over Yeti strap.


I purchased this strap in your trade-up program (thanks!). My Yeti strap gave way this winter. The swivel wore through its stanchion and the camera fell. It looks like the Double Strap swivel/stanchion is better designed and less likely to fail in that way. Also, I notice that the clips to limit camera travel are of much better design now. I had complained about the ones on my Yeti and actually removed them as just being in the way and not working properly. Safety straps should be included with these straps, but aren't. I have a lot more to say, but because of the silly 1000 letter limit on reviews, I'll stop.

Secure & Comfortable


I have a Black Rapid regular single camera strap, and am really happy with it. While arranging my gear for a workshop shooting a sailing race from a boat I thought using my current camera body & my old camera body to avoid changing lenses in what could be a challenging environment, as well as avoiding the possibility missing a shot. The Black Rapid double camera strap came to mind.... The ability to have both cameras secure so they won’t fall in the water is key. Comfort is equally important since one camera body had a Sigma 150-600mm contemporary on it which is a large lens. A few of the other workshop participants also had two bodies on hand, and I was very surprised that I was the only one with had the Black Rapid double camera strap. The days weather was a bit challenging rain, some wind and the constant movement of the boat made this camera strap system invaluable!

Great, but not perfect, two body strap


This is my 2nd 2-camera BlackRapid strap. I love it, but can see obvious ways to improve it. 1) it should come with safety straps. I now have cheap after-market safety straps and don't see why BlackRapid doesn't just include them. My first strap gave out at one of the pivots, and my $4500 camera fell to the ground. I was lucky, no major damage. But a cheap safety strap would have prevented the fall. 2) What the heck is the purpose of that hook on the back? It constantly falls out of its slots. Why isn't it just another clip, like on the front. 3) Those motion stopping clips work much better now, but, frankly still tend not stay in place and to just get in the way. Finally, the excess strapage also gets in the way and the little clip to hold it doesn't hold it. I'm close to cutting off the excess. But still, despite these problems, it's the best system I've found for carrying two bodies.