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Introducing a brand-new camera strap designed by women for women – Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID. With its innovative functionality, maximum comfort and unique style, this strap will change the way you photograph life.
Your camera should be an extension of you, not an annoyance to carry. Your camera gear should add to your creative energy – not inhibit it. Taking its cue from the way women have been carrying their babies for centuries, Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID takes the pressure points away from your neck and shoulders by “hugging” your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Allowing you to have full mobility and making your camera feel virtually weightless. Shoot for hours without feeling fatigue, discomfort or pain!
The strap is reversible - black on one side, black and white pattern on the other – business and party in one unique design. The shoulder strap has two pockets for lens caps and two zippered pockets for memory cards, batteries and whatever other small accessories you want to keep close. The strap has a release trigger snap hook that locks in place when hooked to the 1/4" screw that attaches securely to the bottom of your camera. And the strap adjusts to up to 63” in total length, ensuring a perfect fit for any body type.
Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID – #LiveTheMoment in Comfort and Style!

• Ergonomically Correct. Even weight distribution takes the pressure off your neck and shoulders, making your camera feel weightless.
• Durable, water resistant fabric.
• Reversible - Pattern on one side, black on the other.
• Reversible front or back adjustment for left or right handed users.
• 2 zippered pockets, 2 lens cap pockets.
• Extendable up to 63” in circumference.
• Swivel ConnectR (CR-3) and FastenR (FR-5) connection system. LockStar Breathe cover to secure carabiner. Camera Safety Tether included for extra security.
• Front and back spring-loaded cam locks.

SKU: Nicole Elliott Strap by BLACKRAPID 281005

Product Specs

  • Reversible for Right- or Left-handed wear
  • Shoulder Piece - Removable, Reversible and Washable*
  • Strap length with shoulder piece – 63” (160cm) fully extended total circumference
  • Shoulder piece – approximately 7.5”x 23.5”
  • 2 zippered pockets 4”x4.5”
  • 2 lens cap pockets 4”x4.5”
  • 2 front and back cam locks
  • Quick adjustment
  • Webbing 100% nylon
  • Webbing width 1”
  • Product weight 6.35oz
  • LockStar Breathe and Camera Safety Tether included
  • 2 Gate Keeper attachments for reversibility


*Laundering: Detach Shoulder Strap from nylon strap and rings. Wash by hand with mild soap. Lay flat to dry.

The heart behind Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID:

"We are mothers, we are daughters, we are wives and friends…

We love deeply and live passionately.

We are surrounded by a world of wonder and amazement, from little laughs and giggles, to the beautiful people that surround us and the everyday moments that steal our hearts.

Life is a journey…. A bunch of little moments that together make up one big beautiful life.

My hope is that the Elliott strap helps you capture the life around you Confidently, Creatively, Passionately…without borders.

Here's to a beautiful life captured one shot at a time – one moment at a time.

Every moment, #LiveTheMoment. In comfort and style.”

~ Nicole Elliott

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Amazing weight distribution, I don't feel a thing!


This strap completely changed how my neck and shoulders feel during busy season. I have never used traditional neck straps because I prefer to feel free when I shoot (not to mention how they pull on your neck). For 12 years I have used a hand strap and lens bag. I tried Black Rapid before with some success but still didn't feel right so I kept shooting with my hand strap but I was always limited (having to sit camera down, increased pain in elbow and hand from constant holding). This strap has been everything! I feel nothing on my shoulder and have no pulling on my neck. It has freed up my hands without constantly holding a camera. I use a lens belt to keep other lenses handy and the distribution of weight has saved my 40+ year old body this season. I had 25 sessions this month and my neck and shoulders feel great. I love the small zipper for extra memory cards and very secure locking mechanism. Thank you Nicole and Black Rapid!

I didn't know I needed this


I didn't know I NEEDED this until I received it as a gift!

*It is much more comfortable than a traditional neck-strap.

*I LOVE that I have a secure place to put my lens cap, memory cards, and other small items. No more wondering about where I last left my lens cap.

*There is an easy-to-use mechanism to lock the camera out of the way, which will save my granddaughter's head when I'm trying to position her for pictures. (Yes, I've bonked her head a few times - and my dog's head, too!)

It only took a few minutes to connect my camera and start using this strap. The adjustments are easy to make with one hand!

I am using this with a Nikon D-5300; it feels like it will hold a lot more weight easily. The fabric is sturdy but lightweight - it doesn't take up much room in my camera bag - and it looks beautiful.

Buy this strap, you won't regret it!


I absolutely love my Nicole Elliott Blackrapid strap. For the longest time, I wouldn't take my camera to my kid's sporting events because I hated having to lug it around. With this strap, I can comfortably wear it and not have to worry about it sliding around. All of the pockets are perfect for sessions where I need to tuck the lens cap away or grab another sd card. The set up video on YouTube was extra helpful!

Great Strap


I love this strap. I am 5'2" and always want longer and longer lenses. I used the Nicole Elliott strap for my last trip to Tanzania. I was able to carry my camera body, 400mm plus 2x extender with ease. I got a lot of "where did you get that?" questions about the strap.

So much comfort


I can't love this strap more. It's so comfortable for long concert, event and family photoshoots of non-stop moving around, chasing kids and posing. No more straps cutting into my neck or giving me back pain by making me lopsided. Not to mention it's adorable!

It's an All Day Wear strap!


Love this strap and everything about it!! I can wear it with ease, and don’t get the undesirable neck aches like other straps I’ve tried. The camera slides up while still attached so nicely as well. I'm a photographer and busy mom of 4, I’m always wanting to bring my camera along, now I can with ease and comfort. Thank you! I love it!!

Fashion meets Function!


While using the Elliott Strap my camera feels weightless…..I can barely tell I still have it on. The strap system is functional with handy pockets to stow away your cap, sd cards, batteries etc. while having it readily available. And I love the stylish fun pattern@! I do birth photography and the last thing I want is for it to seem like I’m moving in with all my stuff when I’m in such a personal space with clients. The system allows me to bring exactly what I need to be in the moment for them and not be a distraction. I’m a photographer for the military in my full time job and love that I can flip to the plain black side to be in regulation with military standards and then when I’m out of uniform I can flip it to the fun pattern! This strap is a MUST HAVE for any photographer who wants and needs fashion and function in their life!

Chiropractor Approved!


I just have to tell you I am in LOVE with this new strap! I bought it because it was cute more than anything. It came in the mail just in time for a family session and I never knew a strap could be comfortable! My camera didn’t feel like it was in the way while getting kids settled and my neck and shoulders weren’t sore after the session. My hubby is a chiropractor and loves the fact that its ergonomically correct. 😉 Where has this strap been all my life! Great job!