Sport X Camera Strap

Limited Edition

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The Sport camera sling strap has been our #1 seller since the day it was introduced in 2009. Now it's being given a new look in eye-catching Digital Camo and Coyote brown colorways.

Quantities extremely limited.  Order now so you don't miss out!

Digital Camo comes with AOR1 digital camouflage print on the shoulder pad, with Coyote brown binding and webbing, black BRAD underarm stabilizer, CR-3 connector, and FR-5 fastener. Packed in black dust bag.

Coyote comes with Coyote brown shoulder pad, matching binding and webbing, black BRAD underarm stabilizer, CR-3 connector, and FR-5 fastener. Packed in black dust bag.

Featuring our patented shoulder pad shape for ergonomic comfort, this workhorse of a strap shows no sign of slowing down. The Sport is the strap of choice by both Nikon and Canon when co-branding with us. Our hardware has been tested and re-tested, and we feel we have nailed it with the locking carabiner and LockStar providing a one-two punch for security and safety.

This single sling camera strap is great for all uses and all types of cameras, especially SLR and DSLR. It holds tight on the shoulder with its included underarm stabilizer, and is good for most any type of photo shoot, amateur or pros alike.

Always by your side and ready for any moment, once you try it you'll never look back. It’s that good.

Trade in program: BLACKRAPID owners are eligible for a great trade-in program when it's time to retire your hard-working friend in need of an upgraded sling strap.

What makes us cool?

Aside from the functional and fashionable natural color options: Shoulder pad built with nylon mono mesh, curved TPE foam and poly mesh. Adjustable length nylon webbing with cam-lock buckles. Includes integrated underarm stabilizer (BRAD), connector (CR-3), connector cover (LockStar) & fastener (FR-5) hardware and a polyester dust bag.


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Product Specs

  • Strap length with pad: 167 cm
  • Pad consists of: Nylon mono mesh, TPE foam,
  • Pad Length: 40.5 cm
  • Pad Width: 5.5 cm - 9.5 cm
  • Pad Thickness: .65 cm
  • Webbing: 100% Nylon
  • Webbing Width: 2.5 cm
  • Cam buckles
  • Includes ConnectR (CR-3)
  • LockStar
  • FastenR (FR-5)
  • Brad
  • Polyester drawstring dust bag
  • Product Weight: 6.7 oz

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A Photographers Best Friend


This sport strap is excellent, functional, and accessible. This strap is essential and very easy to use for photographers.

A great classic strap in a 2 new colors!


Black Rapid took a great strap and added 2 new cool colors. I love the digital camo pattern. The over the shoulder strap design reduces neck strain that you get from regular straps and is great when shooting long periods of time. It's really great for me since I have spine problems. I love it with my large telephoto lenses when shooting wildlife. I also love the quick fire design for fast shooting. Your camera is very safe & secure with the locking system too. I love my new Black Rapid camo sport strap! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ΈπŸ“·



The strap that goes under the arm is very short, perfect for the skinny model. forget it if you wear sports jacket or coat.