WandeR Bundle

Smartphone Safety Tether System

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Life’s an Adventure. Wander Often.

No matter where you are – close to home or far away – the WandeR Bundle by BLACKRAPID will keep your smartphone close at hand. Its functional design allows you to use it with almost all phone and case combinations. For additional versatility, utilize the included TetheR-Clip to attach your phone to bags, belt loops, or your favorite BLACKRAPID strap. 

SKU: WandeR Bundle 275005

Product Specs

  • TetheR-Nylon with 10 mm cam lock and 10 mm aluminum hook
  • TPU coated nylon TetheR-Tab (Patent Pending)
  • TetheR-Clip carabiner made of POM
  • 3M double-sided tape
  • 6-month Warranty on TetheR-Tab; 1-year Warranty on all other components

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7 reviews

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Great for all purposes!


The Wander Bundle is perfect for hanging onto my iPhone when I'm out or at home. The hold is solid, and I don't worry about dropping my phone at all. It was easy to install, and the nylon cord isn't scratchy against my arm/wrist like other cords are. I would have given it 5 stars if the packaging was simpler; it's a bit tricky to open and took me more time than attaching it to my phone.

Smart and convenient wriststrap


This is one of those things that makes so much sense it's a wonder no one came up with it sooner. I don't always want to carry a purse but when I am holding my phone in my hand or having it in my pocket it gets dropped. But having it on a wrist strap I can have my hands free to do other things but still have my phone right there with no chance of it hitting the ground. The way I used to carry a little bag now I carry my phone. I also like that there is the large clip included so when I put it in my larger purse and clip it to the strap I can easily find my phone without having to dig around in the bottom to find it everytime. Nice job Blackrapid!

Great for CERTAIN cellphone holders! But...


I am giving this 4* only because this depends on what your cellphone case is like. I have a small hole that the tether goes through and has not had any problems. However, my husband's case has no small hole for the tether to go through, so the tether has slid out often now. BR sent us replacement sticky pads, but we're hesitant to feel as secure with those. Might have to change cellphone cases. If the BR main part of the pad was made of a harder material it might work better. Great gizmo for those with cellphone cases that have small holes.

Best Product Ever!!!!


This product is the best thing ever invented!!!! I am one of those people to drop my phone a hundred times a day and with this now I don’t which gives me a less chance to break my phone. I would relatedness this to anyone because you can tighten it around your wrist so it dosnt fall of your hand anywhere and you can clip it to stuff so it doesn’t fall of onto the ground when you are doing something so I rekamend this to everyone who ready this

Best product ever


This is the best product ever and I rekamend it to everyone because I am the kind of person to drop my phone 100 times but with thins I can strap it around my wrist so it doesn’t fall off and I can clip it to things like my binder so it doesn’t fall on the ground while I’m walking so I rekamend this to everyone great job Black Rapid👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

awesome, just need some spare wrist straps


This is a great system. It works well with my s9+ and torras clear case. I have it so that the fabric piece is in between my phone and case, did not use the adhesive. Works well. I was nervous that it would be too thick but it isn't an issue. It makes me confident to take pictures, especially over water! I've been looking for just spare black rapid wrist straps, at a less expensive price point than $17 but not sure if they're available. Black rapid, make some spare wrist straps so I can have some back ups in case this one gets worn or I lose it! Glad that I found this product on Amazon. I'm going to recommend to my friends and family for sure.

Strap blocks charing port


The strap is a perfect solution for keeping my iPhone safe. I have a new iPhone and the strap blocks my ability to access the charge port. Do you have any suggestions - right now I remove my case to charge my iphone.