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Diana Elizabeth RS-W1 Review: My Favorite Camera Strap

Jan 31, 2011 Category: Reviews
The lovely Diana Elizabeth of Diana Elizabeth Photography reviews the Women’s (RS-W1) Strap:

See her full review here: www.dianaelizabethblog.com

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Casie Shimansky: the RS-W1 is "the cheese to my macaroni"

Jan 31, 2011 Category: Reviews
Casie Shimansky of Rebel Belle Photography reviews the Women’s (RS-W1) R-Strap.

“I am SUPER — I mean, SUPER — excited that you are here. Right now. Today. In this very moment because I have something SO spectacular to share with you that I have just been jumping over the moon with excitement for over a week now…”/blockquote>

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RS-W1 featured in the UK’s Black+White Photography magazine

Jan 19, 2011 Category: Press


Jan 15, 2011 Category: Press

In our ongoing effort to bring you the highest quality gear around, we are proud to offer- The NEW and IMPROVED FR-T1

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1st RS-7 Review of 2011

Jan 03, 2011 Category: Reviews

Check this awesome RS-7 Review on Photo Life Magazine’s Blog!

“This camera strap is ideal for times where you are shooting on the go.

Photojournalists or action photographers will love this strap because it has the ability to reduce fatigue while maintaining speedy access to the camera.”

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