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"Get Your Strap On" photo contest WINNERS!

Apr 27, 2011 Category:

Thank you to all of our amazing friends and fans out there who entered in our first “Get Your Strap On” photo contest!  There were many great entries and our marketing team and BlackRapid founder Ron Henry chose the winners.

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Gavin Hoey wears the RS-Sport in his 15 minute photo challenge

Apr 27, 2011 Category: Reviews

In his recent video “Urban exploring - 15 minute photo challenge” he’s wearing our new RS-Sport, and even Tweeted about it:

“The strap I used in the urban exploring video was the ‘RS-Sport’ from @BlackRapid and yes it is the only strap I’ll use now.”

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Todd Owyoung of ishootshows.com reviews the RS DR-1 Double Strap

Apr 21, 2011 Category: Reviews

Professional music photographer Todd Owyoung of ishootshows.com took the time out of his busy schedule to take our RS DR-1 Double Camera Strap for a tour on the music scene with him.

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FroKnowsPhoto takes BlackRapid to the streets at SXSW 2011

Apr 21, 2011 Category:

Our friend and R-Strap pro photographer, Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto, took a trip to South by Southwest this year and did some awesome spontaneous interviews with photographers

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Tim Hetherington

Apr 20, 2011 Category:

Our team is very saddened by the loss of Tim Hetherington, an amazing war photographer and film director who was working on a multimedia project focused on humanitarian issues during this time of war in Libya.

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techdad Reviews the RS-7

Apr 14, 2011 Category: Reviews

Techdad, who reviewed our SnapR bag for Amazon, recently tested out our RS-7 R-Strap.

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Los Angeles Times: Is it time for a new camera strap?

Apr 04, 2011 Category: Press

Most people, myself included, simply use the straps that come in the packages with their shiny new cameras. But there are other choices. I decided there must be more than being a walking billboard for Canon.

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Ricky Robertson Photo RS-Sport video review

Apr 04, 2011 Category: Reviews

Our friend Ricky Robertson took the time out to do a video review of our RS-Sport.

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Brandon Jacoby: Review & Giveaway – BlackRapid’s RS-5 R-Strap!!!

Apr 01, 2011 Category: Reviews

While working on becoming the youngest A.C.E. (Adobe Certified Expert) in the world, Brandon Jacoby from www.brandonjfx.com took time out to review our RS-5. He’s also hosting a giveaway of the same R-Strap!

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