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techdad Reviews the RS-7

Apr 14, 2011 Category: Reviews

techdad, who reviewed our SnapR bag for Amazon, recently tested out our RS-7 R-Strap.
“If you read my review of the BlackRapid SnapR, then you already know how much I love BlackRapid straps. BlackRapid’s original R-Strap was created by a professional photographer named Ron Henry. His idea to turn a camera strap into a “sling” was ingenious. The RS-7 strap is one of seven available R-Straps from BlackRapid. The RS-7 is unique from their other single straps because it was designed as a modular system with an ergonomically curved pad. Though this review is specific to the RS-7, much of the review about the R-Strap system applies to all of their R-Straps.”
Read his full review on techdadreview.com and also his Amazon review at www.Amazon.com.