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Tim Hetherington

Apr 20, 2011 Category:

Our team is very saddened by the loss of Tim Hetherington, an amazing war photographer and film director who was working on a multimedia project focused on humanitarian issues during this time of war in Libya.
Tim was an Oscar-nominated film director and producer for “Restrepo, a documentary that sticks close to a company of American soldiers during a grueling 14-month tour of duty in an especially dangerous part of Afghanistan”(- New York Times). He received numerous awards during his career including one of the highest prizes in war photography, the Robert Capa Gold Medal, in addition to World Press Photo honors.
Our hearts go out to Tim’s family and loved ones during this time.
We’d like to share an article that has a wonderful reflection of Tim from the New York Times: Parting Glance: Tim Hetherington http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/20/parting-glance-tim-hetherington/

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