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Italy's Edoardo Agresti takes the RS DR-1 to India's Holi Festival

May 09, 2011 Category: Reviews

Edoardo Agresti is one of Italy’s finest photographers and is part of the Nikon Professional Team. As one of the organizers and teachers of the Nikon School Travel and professor of Nikon School he recently took his students to the beautiful Holi Festival in India to experience the brilliant colors. His RS DR-1 double camera strap got a little colour on them in the process of his Holi experience.
BlackRapid was proud to be a sponsor of Edoardo Agresti’s workshop in India by providing him and his team with R-Straps through our Italian distributor Ra.Ma.

You can find out more about Edoardo Agresti through his website www.edoardoagresti.it or in the Nikon Italy official web sites www.nital.it and www.nikonschool.it.
Edoardo Agresti on Facebook.