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Jasin Boland on the set in Cape Town

May 12, 2011 Category:

Motion picture still photographer Jasin Boland has worked on films you are very familiar with: The Matrix, Ghost Rider, and The Bourne Supremacy. You might not realize it, but you probably see his work when you go to the movies, rent a movie, or scroll through your personal movie collection. He’s the awesome talent behind capturing those killer and movie posters and covers all around the world.
While on the set of Safe House being filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, Jasin shot a portrait of his good friend and Director of Photography Oliver Wood wearing one of our RS-7 R-Straps:
“Super famous director of photography Oliver Wood (google him…) who’s not only my hero but so much of a friend we are pretty much brothers sporting his new R-strap. What makes it even cooler is we call him Raphael! Black Rapid is taking over the film industry. I have only been using R-straps for a little over a month and now all the guys are onto them. More photos to come!” ~ Jasin Boland on Facebook

Nikon Ambassador Jasin Boland is on Facebook

Did you know you can find BlackRapid is in South Africa?
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