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Rikki Hibbert in South Africa rocks her Canon 5D Mark II with the RS-5 R-Strap

May 27, 2011 Category: Reviews

South African photographer, Rikki Hibbert - Organic Design Studio, talks about how the RS-5 R-Strap helps her shoot without aggravating a whiplash injury.
“Spending my days with a rather cumbersome Canon 5D Mark II dangling around my neck aggravates the old injury, and when my neck hurts, I get grumpy, and when I get grumpy, my creativity suffers.
Over the past 10 years, I have upgraded my camera and computer (several times), lenses, even my tripod. The one thing I never thought of upgrading was my camera strap. Upgrading to the BlackRapid system will make you wonder camera straps like this are not a standard on every dSLR camera sold.”
Read her full story on Rikki’s blog: http://www.rikkihibbert.co.za
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