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PurePhoto puts the RS DR-1 through 25 shoots

Jun 15, 2011 Category: Reviews

By Ryan Phillips
“Let me start off by saying that I own or have used almost every bag, strap, belt and case system on the market. I am a complete bag whore and obsessed with camera gear. The Black Rapid strap puts all other straps to shame! It’s not perfect but it’s damn close! And for the record, no I am not affiliated with them in any way.
Upon arrival I tore open the packaging and was greeted by my new strap in a great mesh carrying bag. The bag is great for packing down the strap in your case when space is at a premium. It came with stickers and two other strap accessories that look cool but I have yet to use them or figure out what they are for. I got the DR-2 double strap which is a slimmer version of their standard strap. As I often shoot in a suit I wanted something with a smaller profile. The double can also be separated and used as a single strap. *For those of you who only shoot with one camera, check out their single straps!”
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