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BlackRapid “Monday Madness” week 2

Jun 20, 2011 Category:

If you missed the announcement last week, we here at BlackRapid want to start our week out right together with a little thing called BlackRapid’s Monday Madness giveaway!
This week we have a 2-part-question regarding our SnapR bag family. Our newest SnapR bag, the SnapR 35 got W-I-D-E-R ! That’s right, it fits cameras up to 6” x 3.75” x 3.5” and was designed to also store your mobile phone, passport, and wallet. For those shutterbugs out there wanting to travel light this summer, the SnapR bags are the PERFECT companion camera bag.

So getting to the questions now:
1. If you had a SnapR 35 bag, what camera would you carry in it? (it can be any camera, not just one you presently own)
2. Where in the world would you travel with the SnapR 35 for it’s first journey?
For example, Hasselblad Master Joâo Carlos took his Samsung Nx100 in the SnapR bag to Lisbon Portugal.

Got an answer? Shout it out to us TODAY ONLY on TWITTER or FACEBOOK with #BRMonMad at the end of your post!
Easy breezy! And if there is no breeze in your geographical area today, turn on a fan and get some wind in your hair. Tap on those computer keys to search out your dream travel camera and destination. And may we suggest doing all of this while drinking a cold beverage out of a coconut with a little umbrella sticking out of it.
A winner for a new SnapR 35 Bag Sling Strap Hand Strap will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday. Best of luck everyone!