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We've Got Your Back: Keeping the Thieves Away

Sep 30, 2011 Category:

This morning on Twitter we saw a unique Tweet in our feed from @Studio386
“How A @BlackRapid R-Strap Saved My $2500 Lens”

Stop the press. A catchy blog post like that immediately caught our attention and we went straight away to Studio386 Photographers website to read the article.

It turns out that California based photographer Christopher Cuttriss was at the LA County Fair recently when a thief tried to detach and run with his Canon 70-200mm zoom lens. What happened then you ask? R-Strap to the recue! The thief didn’t realize that Chris had his BlackRapid RS-7 attached to the lens tripod collar. The lens remained with Chris and the bad thief ran away. His R-Strap saved the day.

Read Chris’ full story HERE: Studio386 website.

Has this or a similar situation ever happened to you? We’ve love to hear your story. Leave us a post on our Facebook thread HERE www.facebook.com/BlackRapidStrap or leave a comment below.