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Contest Mash-up

Jan 05, 2012 Category:

After the holiday season, one of the biggest things we noticed was just how distraught people were when they didn’t receive a BlackRapid strap!  While we’d like to point out that our online store is readily available to take your order, it would be remiss if we didn’t point out that three amazing websites are holding contests featuring a variety of our straps at this very moment!

Strobox is a community for all types of photographers to share how they set up their amazing photos! The easiest way to learn is from the experience of others and its in that spirit that we present the Strobox Contest. 
Register at strobox.com and submit a photo to the contest for a chance to win our dual camera wielding DR-1 Double Strap!
Enter the Strobox Contest (Contest open until - 1/25/2012)

Gourmande in the Kitchen
This amazing chef and food photographer gave our RS-4 and RS-W1 some great press! With recipes, reviews, editorials, a contest in featuring some amazing camera gear, and of course some mouth-watering photography… This is one blog you definitely shouldn’t miss. 
Enter the Gourmande Contest
(Contest open until – 1/13/2012)

International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers:
The ISPWP Quarterly Wedding Photography Contest is the world’s premier international wedding photography contest, featuring inspiring images from the best wedding photographers in the world. Contest entry is restricted to ISPWP members only.
Become a member, submit a photo of your favorite wedding shot and you too will be able to show off your new BlackRapid RS-5 Strap.
Enter the ISPWP Contest