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Behind the Lens with Jasin Boland

Aug 20, 2012 Category:

A long time friend of BlackRapid, Jasin Boland is a Movie Stills photographer for the Film Industry. He’s taken shots in settings as simple hollywood sets, to scenarios in which he’s hanging off the side of a train and even a US Navy vessel.  Chances are you’ve seen his work on any number of film Posters. 

He’s credited with having shot on set (from imdb.com):
The Matrix Trilogy
The Bourne Trilogy
Mission Impossible Series
Dark City
Aeon Flux
The Karate Kid
Peter Pan
Skyfall (unreleased)
Mad Max: Fury Road (unreleased)

And that’s just to name a few.  Check out the video below for some great shots that he’s taken as well as an excerpt from an interview we had with Jasin this past spring.

Full Interview coming soon.

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