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Shoot Like your Grandma Used To

Oct 11, 2013 Category: Photography

I’ve always thought that I spend more time thinking about shooting than actually taking that shot.  When looking through old family photos, I got to thinking that “Hey, my grandmother never read a photo magazine or obsessed about the gear!”  That’s when it struck me that I needed to shoot like my grandma used to.  The go-to word is simplify.  Simplify the way you shoot and just get the shot.

While on a weekend outing, Shawna, a BlackRapid team member and, incidentally, not a trained photographer took these images with a point-and-shoot.  She had no idea what she had.  We looked at these photos and thought the ultimate compliment… “I wish I had taken those shots”.  It just proves the point that if you simplify your technique and just get the shot, great things can happen.

Click the image for a slideshow: