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Q: Is BlackRapid compatible with my tripod?

Oct 17, 2013 Category: FAQs

A. BlackRapid offers the FR-T1 which allows for an easy transition between handheld and tripod usage.  The FR-T1 is exclusively compatible with the Manfrotto RC2 quick release plate.

BlackRapid also offers a few third party recommendations on our website.  The third party plates recommended on our site offer Arca Swiss compatibility, as well as Manfrotto RC2 compatibility in the case of the M-Plate Pro.

For those of you using the Really Right Stuff brackets, they just came out with the B2-FAB-F which completely eases the issues of removing your strap to use your tripod.  I’ve got one on all my straps!

Really Right Stuff bracket for BlackRapid straps