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Several Exciting New Products

Oct 22, 2013 By BlackRapid | Category: Press

BlackRapid, creators of The Original Camera Sling™, is proud to present two new Straps, the KICK and the Curve MOSS, as well as new sizes in the LensBling line and a brand new Tether Kit. Check out this video introducing all of our new products!

BlackRapid is dedicated to continuing to innovate by offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers.

New Straps
The KICK strap, BlackRapid’s latest innovation for women photographers, is lightweight and made for comfort. We now also offer a MOSS green variant for our popular Curve strap as well.

New LensBling
Back with a second wave of focal lengths for its LensBling line, BlackRapid now offers a 35mm and 135mm size for Canon, a 35mm and 24/70mm for Nikon, and a brand new skull design for both camera brands.

The Tether Kit
The Tether Kit is essentially “peace of mind” contained in a dual compartment drawstring bag. The Tether Kit offers an additional sense of security by adding another connection point between the camera and the Strap.