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Leaving Your Mark

Nov 29, 2013 Category: Photography

I love Thanksgiving.  It is a time of reflection to really think about all the things to be thankful for in our life.  I’m very thankful for my family, my health and my country.  I’m also thankful for my art.  As a photographer, I’ve got the great fortune of seeing things that nobody else sees.  But more importantly, for me anyway, is

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A Big Live the Moment Thanks!

Nov 27, 2013 By BlackRapid | Category:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. which is a national holiday on which Americans across the country reflect and give thanks to what they have and the people around them.  We at BlackRapid want to take a moment to reflect on

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Nov 26, 2013 Category:

Richard Bartlett, a friend of BlackRapid, sent us this fun portrait.  I had such a laugh, I had to share it here.  Enjoy your holidays!

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Q: What do I need to create my own Double Strap?

Nov 22, 2013 By BlackRapid | Category: FAQs

We recommend connecting one of our two straight padded straps to create a double strap: the RS4 or the RS5. Or you can mix and match the two if you like. You will need the CoupleR as well to connect the two straps in the back.

You Never Know

Nov 22, 2013 Category: Photography

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk here at BlackRapid studios and realized I hadn’t seen daylight since early morning.  Needing to get up and move, I decided to take a walk in the chilled, but clear, November air.  Out of habit, I grabbed my Sony NEX-7, hoping that there was some juice in the battery.

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The End of the DSLR?

Nov 14, 2013 Category:

There seems to be an ongoing debate regarding whether or not the DSLR will go the way of film in the near future.  With the improvement of cell phone cameras, Micro 4/3s and mirrorless cameras, some people seem to think there won’t be any need for the big, bulky and heavy DSLRs.  Up until now, I’ve written off the debate as a premature.  Until now…

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Q: If I purchase the ProtectR, do I also need to get the Buck cover?

Nov 13, 2013 By BlackRapid | Category: FAQs

A: No. The ProtectR is designed to also cover the buckle on the straps that have one, like the Curve, Metro, Kick, DR1, and DR2. The ProtectR is a great way to add peace of mind while traveling in areas where theft is a potential problem. It comes in regular length and also a long version for our taller customers. It covers the length of the webbing that lays against the back with 1.5 cm steel cable and guards against someone trying to cut the webbing from behind and run off with your gear. It also covers the buckle on the back so that it cannot be opened unexpectedly.

Hey... Listen Up!

Nov 07, 2013 Category: Photography

I’m often asked if I have any advice for a person just beginning their photographic journey. The main reason, if not the only reason, to keep snapping the shutter is to create images that come from the heart. Pay no attention to what others say. Look at other people’s photographs and when you’re out there camera to eye, try to pull

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Q: What is the difference between the two BlackRapid women's straps, the Kick and the Elle?

Nov 07, 2013 By BlackRapid | Category: FAQs

A: Although the Kick and the Elle are offered at the same great price, there are a few things that make them uniquely different from one another. The Kick has a wider and thicker shoulder pad with a built in curve that literally kicks the webbing into the center of the chest providing an ergonomic fit for women.  A key feature of the Kick is the buckle in the back, which makes the strap compatible with our MOD attachments.

The Elle has a narrow shoulder pad that extends down the center of the body, which also provides a comfortable ergonomic fit. The shoulder pad on the Kick is shorter than the Elle, making it compatible with the underarm Brad where as the Elle is not.  Additionally, the Elle provides two print options, Floral and Ballistic Black.

All in all, both are great straps and making a choice between the two is completely up to personal preference.

Reflections on Oaxaca

Nov 06, 2013 Category: Travel

As I write this, I’ve just returned from an amazing, exhausting and exhilarating adventure in Oaxaca, Mexico for the Day of the Dead celebrations.  Organized by Jeffrey Chapman, of Within The Frame Adventures, we were lucky to have David Duchemin along for inspiration.  What made this trip, for me, was the incredible group of diverse talents that we had on this journey.  Ten creatives all bound by their love of craft.  Two talented

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New York Building Old with New

Nov 02, 2013 By Ron Henry | Category: Travel

New York Cities Ground Zero, site of the Sept 11th attacks. Through the streets of old with its vast history a new tower appears, reflecting cloudy sky’s and possibly ourselves as Americans standing on the horizon - i had mixed feelings as i stood there but walked away with only more questions: why and really who we are as Americans and how do we reflect ourselves to the rest of the world.