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Anita Nowacka

Feb 03, 2014 Category: Featured Photographers

“I’ve been a fan of BlackRapid and a user of their camera accessories since Ron Henry launched the company. I love the concept of the flexible camera position, easily accessible to photograph or remain at my side when I’m in the process of composing an image or interacting with clients.”- Anita Nowacka

Anita Nowacka (pronounced Novatzka) studied law but chose photography as her life profession. She lives and works in Seattle as a family and wedding photographer where she aspires to create simple photographs under natural light, with deliberate in-camera composition. Her objective is to make portraits that express the spontaneity, beauty, and temperaments of her subjects. The term Anita uses to describe her photographic style is “directed photojournalism”. It is a balance between the carefree and guided, with attention to the composition and the uniqueness of each subject.

In addition to commercial photography work, Anita offers personalized coaching and portfolio reviews for anyone interested in improving their photography skills, including parents who photograph their children and are seeking more artful images.

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