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WPPI - Meeting our Customers Face to Face

Mar 07, 2014 Category: Travel

We all just got back from WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference, in Las Vegas.  For almost a week, over 20,000 wedding and portrait photographers from all over the world come to Vegas to learn and meet their fellow shooters.  The BlackRapid booth was hopping from beginning to end with photogs eager to take the weight of their cameras off their necks. 

For me, the fun part was meeting all these amazing photographers in person and helping them check out what a BlackRapid straps feels like.  Their faces lit up when we loaded them up with one or two heavy cameras.  Our dealers were there to sell the straps and most of them sold out! 

To see all these people in person energized us.  We had a lot of fun talking to our customers, both current and future, and hearing their stories of how the BlackRapid straps saved their necks, backs and shoulders during long hours of shooting events.  I even had a few that told me they almost had to retire from event photography until they discovered the BlackRapid strap.  Awesome!

Two Lawrence Men at WPPI
This was fun because Darnell and I both have the last name of Lawrence.  Neither of us knew we had another brother.