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BlackRapid Monday Madness week 10

Aug 29, 2011 Category:

“I like to tell stories through photographs, to reveal the people, their attitudes and their feelings. This is what makes photography something that is alive and intense.”~ Joao Carlos

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Foto Workshops Mexico with Joao Carlos

Aug 26, 2011 Category:

BlackRapid is proud to be a sponsor of: Foto Workshops Mexico with Joao Carlos

(en espanol)
La fotografía de Fashion y Beauty es una de las especialidades con mayor competencia en el mercado fotográfico internacional y una de las mas exigentes en cuanto a técnica y creatividad, son muchos los fotógrafos que están participando en este mercado y pocos tienen la creatividad y pasión que tiene Joao Carlos para abordar sus temas en cada una de las asignaciones que lo ocupan alrededor del mundo.

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Plus X Award

Aug 23, 2011 Category: Press

The Plus X Award - Innovation Award for products from the areas of technology, sports and lifestyle - is in 2011 in the eighth year of existence and is distinguished from manufacturers for the quality advantage of its products. Even Albert Einstein said: “Over the past interests me in the future because that’s where I intend to live.” In this sense, the Plus X Award honors innovative and sustainable products, at least a “plus X” factor have.

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