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BlackRapid Monday Madness week 9

Aug 22, 2011 Category:

South Africa is an amazing part of the world and we are very proud to have friends in this beautiful country. For todays Monday Madness giveaway, we are wondering if you know the name of our distributor in South Africa?

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RS-Sport review from Peru

Aug 16, 2011 Category: Reviews

A wonderful review of the Sport Strap in Spanish from Peru.

Si bien es cierto que las cámaras DSLR ya vienen con una correa por defecto cuando las compras, dicha correa no es la ideal si es que vamos a cargar con nuestra cámara por mucho tiempo.

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BlackRapid Monday Madness week 8

Aug 15, 2011 Category:

This week on our Wall of Radness, we’re featuring Mastin Studio Seattle wedding photography.

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