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Rikki Hibbert in South Africa rocks her Canon 5D Mark II with the RS-5 R-Strap

May 27, 2011 Category: Reviews

South African photographer, Rikki Hibbert - Organic Design Studio, talks about how the RS-5 R-Strap helps her shoot without aggravating a whiplash injury.

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ROCKSTAR PHOTOGRAPHER - Anita Nowacka: Heli Ski Wedding

May 18, 2011 Category:

Anita Nowacka - professional photographer and total rockstar, tells us about her latest Heli Skiing Wedding photo shoot with BlackRapid’s RS-Sport camera sling.

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Photo & Imaging 2011 in SEOUL, Korea

May 17, 2011 Category: Reviews

A quick Korean review of the Cargo (RS-5) from the Photo & Imaging 2011 in Korea.

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