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New York Building Old with New

Nov 02, 2013 By Ron Henry | Category: Travel

New York Cities Ground Zero, site of the Sept 11th attacks. Through the streets of old with its vast history a new tower appears, reflecting cloudy sky’s and possibly ourselves as Americans standing on the horizon - i had mixed feelings as i stood there but walked away with only more questions: why and really who we are as Americans and how do we reflect ourselves to the rest of the world.

Slowing Down and Connecting

Oct 29, 2013 Category: Travel

I’ve now been in Oaxaca, Mexico for almost 4 days and things are starting to come together.  Today I visited the town of Mitla, a small town with a small, active market and some of the most important archeological ruins in the area, a pre-columbian settlement.  As I’m not a big fan of “ruins”, I wanted to celebrate the living as opposed to the dead so, while others in my group checked out the inner tombs, I wanted to see what else I could photograph.

Off in a distant corner, under some trees, were

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Images from Oaxaca: Day Two

Oct 28, 2013 Category: Travel

Day two in Oaxaca, Mexico and it turned out to be a very interesting journey, indeed. Rockets sonically lit up the night sky until dawn when I finally gave in and decided to walk the streets, camera in hand, to see what early light would bring. Apparently, being mostly Catholic, the Oaxacan population doesn’t get out on a Sunday morning so I found myself wandering mostly alone. While the morning light laid beautifully upon the ancient city,

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