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Q: Is BlackRapid compatible with my tripod?

Oct 17, 2013 Category: FAQs

BlackRapid offers the FR-T1 which allows for an easy transition between handheld and tripod usage.  The FR-T1 is exclusively compatible with the Manfrotto RC2 quick release plates.

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Travels to Oaxaca

Oct 15, 2013 Category: Travel

On Friday, October 24, I’m very excited to be embarking on a photographic adventure to Oaxaca, Mexico with David Duchemin to shoot the Day of the Dead festivities.  I’ll be there for 9 days along with 8 other photographers.  Please follow along with me as I blog about the trip daily.  I’ll also be posting images from Oaxaca along the journey.  Stay tuned!

Images from Ben Horton

Oct 14, 2013 Category: Photography

Ben Horton, a BlackRapid friend and user, is a National Geographic photographer and explorer who is motivated by a desire to explore our world and use photography for conservation.  He generously shared these images with us and so we wanted to share them with you.

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