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Double Slim (DR-2) Review by Renee Millman of AbsoluteGadget.com

Oct 22, 2012 Category: Reviews

Carrying two cameras seem like an impossible endeavor?  Why not try the Double (DR-1) or the Double Slim (DR-2)? Renee Millman is one proshooter who picked the Double Slim strap above all others to carry his gear two-cameras-with-vertical-grips setup. What about you?

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Sep 18, 2012 Category: Press

With this website it’s easier to find out more information about your favorite gear.  Starting today BLACKRAPID.COM is not only more easily accessible from any computer, tablet, and phone, but easier to navigate.

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Sport Strap Review by Unstableimage.com

Sep 10, 2012 Category: Reviews

UnstableImage.com is a great photo blog by some really enthusiastic photographers.  In this review they take the strap from unboxing to full out review over two parts (posted a week apart).

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