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Cargo (RS-5) Strap Review by OnThreeLegs.com

Aug 21, 2012 Category: Reviews

OnThreeLegs.com is the blog of an Australian Photographer who took a bit of time this August to review the Cargo (RS-5) Strap.  He does a great job of breaking down the components.  Need a one more reason to get that Cargo strap from your local store? Take Ben Fewtrell’s advice.

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Behind the Lens with Jasin Boland

Aug 20, 2012 Category:

A long time friend of BlackRapid, Jasin Boland is a Movie Stills photographer for the Film Industry.

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Sport Strap Review by Nick Semrad

Jul 31, 2012 Category: Reviews

Nick Semrad is a UK photographer from illuminoise.com recently wrote a great review about why he prefers a BlackRapid Sport strap when he goes out shooting at live concerts.

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