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Behind the Lens with Jasin Boland

Aug 20, 2012 Category:

A long time friend of BlackRapid, Jasin Boland is a Movie Stills photographer for the Film Industry.

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Sport Strap Review by Nick Semrad

Jul 31, 2012 Category: Reviews

Nick Semrad is a UK photographer from recently wrote a great review about why he prefers a BlackRapid Sport strap when he goes out shooting at live concerts.

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BlackRapid New Product Announcement: Sport L, ProtectR, and Limited edition Women's White Strap

Jul 10, 2012 Category: Press

BlackRapid announces the launch of two innovative new photography accessories, the Sport-L (and Sport 2-L) camera strap and the ProtectR. Designed specifically for left-handed photographers, the Sport-L camera strap is ergonomic, stylish, efficient and built for speed. The ProtectR attaches to an existing camera strap or bag, providing additional security for travelers. In addition, for female photographers looking for both style and function, BlackRapid is offering a limited-edition women’s strap in a vivid white.

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