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Italy's photo contest: photowar

Sep 22, 2011 Category:

Our distributor in Italy, ramaidea is sponsoring “photowar” with RS-Sports.

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Life is Beautiful: R-Strap reviews from Italy

Sep 22, 2011 Category: Reviews

We’ve got a collection of Italian Reviews for your reading pleasure.

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R-Strap Instructions

Sep 21, 2011 Category: Press

We are pleased to announce that Instructions for each one of our R-Straps are available for you now.

Each R-Strap has it’s own PDF document available to view, download and print. Just go to the “PRODUCT” tab on our website and select the R-Strap model you have right now. An Adobe PDF icon and “View Product Instructions” link is available just underneath the product images. Or, feel free to download through the link below:

RS-4 Instructions

RS-5 Instructions

RS-7 Instructions

RS DR-1 Instructions

RS DR-2 Instructions

RS-W1 Instructions

RS-Sport Instructions

RS-Sport-2 Instructions

SnapR 20 Instructions

SnapR 35 Instructions