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Lunar Partnership

Aug 01, 2016 Category: Press

BlackRapid Inc., known for their innovations in the world of photo accessories and the originator of the camera sling transport system has signed a new partnership with distributor Lunar International Co. Ltd. to manage all distribution within Taiwan and Mainland China markets exclusively starting May 15th 2016. The Taiwan and China markets are very important for BlackRapid’s long range growth goals and BlackRapid is very happy to team up with such a respected distributor going forward who will help us achieve these goals. Retailers and consumers in Taiwan and China will get to experience the broad range of professional services and expertise from Lunar’s management team.

More about BlackRapid, The Original Camera Sling:

BlackRapid has set the standard for camera slings since 2008. Founder/ CEO Ron Henry invented a system in which the camera hangs upside down by its tripod mount. When ready to shoot, the camera can easily glide up the webbing into position and then be placed back down at the photographer’s side, hands-free. BlackRapid combines the comfort of a well-made shoulder pad with the convenience of a highly functional sling system.

Based in Seattle, WA, BlackRapid’s products are distributed in over 24 countries.

Lunar International’s website can be found at : http://www.lunar.com.tw

FroKnows reps BlackRapid at Photokina

Oct 01, 2014 Category: Press,Reviews

Jared Polin, AKA FroKnows Photo, turned Photokina into Frotokina this year.  Jared covered the entire spectrum of the biggest photo show in the world, from Canon to Nikon, and oh yeah…BlackRapid!  Fro was our official brand ambassador (and guest of honor for a much deserved happy hour) for the show.  If you didn’t make it to Cologne, Germany for Photokina this year, get caught up with Jared’s complete recap of the show here.

Greetings From the Arctic

Jul 25, 2014 Category:

A while back, NYC based photographer Reuben Hernandez wrote to us wondering if we could supply him with a Double Strap for his upcoming Arctic adventure.

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