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Joe Talks to Greg Cazillo About the Nikon Strap

Mar 07, 2014 By Joe Zagorski | Category: Press

Acratech GP: One Gorgeous Ballhead!

Feb 27, 2014 Category: Reviews,Photography

For years, I’ve been using the Really Right Stuff ballhead and have always been happy with it.  But, I’ve recently discovered the Acratech GP Ballhead and have been blown away.

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SayulitAnimals Helping Dogs In Distress

Feb 20, 2014 Category: Travel

While in Sayulita, Mexico last week, the BlackRapid team paid a visit to SayulitAnimals, a dog rescue taking on a huge crisis in this region.  The rescue was founded in response to the overwhelming need of street animals for medical attention, population control and appalling living conditions.  This small, donation driven facility has rescued hundreds of animals in the most deplorable physical condition imaginable as well as neutered thousands of others.

Talking to them and hearing the stories of some of their rescues was heartbreaking and exhilarating at the same time.  Luna, for example was found in August 2012 abandoned, emaciated, covered in open sores and maggots.  He was missing most of his teeth and had a broken jaw and fractured femur.  Completely healed now, he’s up for adoption and is as sweet as ever. 

The cool thing about this wonderful story is that they fly the animal to the U.S. if someone wants to adopt.  These are warm and caring folks who believe in their mission.  We were all touched by their dedication.

Click the image for a slideshow:

For more information, check out the SayulitAnimals Website.