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R-Strap Reviewed by Cameron Rains

Mar 21, 2014 By Cameron Rains | Category: Reviews

The main issues that come with your standard camera strap is that if you are carrying a camera of any reasonable weight or girth, is that they just become unwieldy.

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Gear Talk: Sony Does It Again with the a6000

Mar 10, 2014 Category: Photography

Once Zeiss started making lenses for the Sony NEX system, I was sold.  My NEX-7 paired with the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 is an awesome combination.  The focus is noticeably faster with this lens than just about any other Sony lens I’ve tried.

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WPPI - Meeting our Customers Face to Face

Mar 07, 2014 Category: Travel

We all just got back from WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference, in Las Vegas.  For almost a week, over 20,000 wedding and portrait photographers from all over the world come to Vegas to learn and meet their fellow shooters.

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