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João Carlos hits the streets with his Samsung Nx100 in the SnapR bag

May 31, 2011 Category: Reviews

Hasselblad Master Joâo Carlos travels everywhere with his 4/3 compact Samsung Nx100. Joâo recently took his point-and-shoot in our SnapR Bag to the streets of New York along with the basic necessities a travel photographer needs: wallet, passport, camera and cell phone.

“I always travel no matter where I go with my Samsung Nx100, for those of you who don’t read the Daily Dose on a regular basis, it’s my compact 4/3 behind the scenes and travel camera. I take it everywhere, it has traveled with me to over 10 countries and about fifty cites. So you can see the importance of having that perfect carrying system, I am also a guy (no offense ladies) but this means I don’t want to have to carry a backpack or man-bag with all of my crap in it so I try and keep my things to a minimum at all times. So that basically includes my wallet, passport, camera and cell phone. I also don’t want to have to dig into my bag to grab my camera when I am on the go, so the SnapR gives me perfect accessibility.”
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