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Gear Talk: Sony Does It Again with the a6000

Mar 10, 2014 Category: Photography

Once Zeiss started making lenses for the Sony NEX system, I was sold.  My NEX-7 paired with the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 is an awesome combination.  The focus is noticeably faster with this lens than just about any other Sony lens I’ve tried.

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Acratech GP: One Gorgeous Ballhead!

Feb 27, 2014 Category: Reviews,Photography

For years, I’ve been using the Really Right Stuff ballhead and have always been happy with it.  But, I’ve recently discovered the Acratech GP Ballhead and have been blown away.

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A Photographer's Manifesto

Dec 23, 2013 By David Duchemin | Category: Photography

My friend David Duchemin posted this manifesto on his blog last week at Craft and Vision.  I’ve watched it 4 times.  These two minutes should be watched by every photographer out there.  I’m passing this along with David’s permission.

For the Love of the Photograph from Craft & Vision on Vimeo.