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R-Strap Reviewed by Cameron Rains

Mar 21, 2014 By Cameron Rains | Category: Reviews

The main issues that come with your standard camera strap is that if you are carrying a camera of any reasonable weight or girth, is that they just become unwieldy.

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Acratech GP: One Gorgeous Ballhead!

Feb 27, 2014 Category: Reviews,Photography

For years, I’ve been using the Really Right Stuff ballhead and have always been happy with it.  But, I’ve recently discovered the Acratech GP Ballhead and have been blown away.

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Curve (RS-7) Review by

Dec 03, 2012 Category: Reviews

The BlackRapid Curve ($59) is a simple, comfortable, strap that keeps your camera ready for action without being a pain in the neck. The adjustable strap is plenty long, allowing you to wear it cross-body for better weight distribution across your shoulders.

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