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The perfectly shaped strap, Black Rapid RS-7 - Review

Jun 29, 2011 Category: Reviews

A wonderful review of the spanish Curve (RS-7)

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PurePhoto puts the RS DR-1 through 25 shoots

Jun 15, 2011 Category: Reviews

The DR-1 is reviewed!

“Let me start off by saying that I own or have used almost every bag, strap, belt and case system on the market. I am a complete bag whore and obsessed with camera gear. The Black Rapid strap puts all other straps to shame! It’s not perfect but it’s damn close! And for the record, no I am not affiliated with them in any way…”

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New Zealand: Cameron Burnell soars with his RS-Sport

Jun 10, 2011 Category: Reviews

Check out the Sports Strap in Action down in land of Kiwis, New Zealand.

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