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Curve (RS-7) Review by Techhive.com

Dec 03, 2012 Category: Reviews

The BlackRapid Curve ($59) is a simple, comfortable, strap that keeps your camera ready for action without being a pain in the neck. The adjustable strap is plenty long, allowing you to wear it cross-body for better weight distribution across your shoulders.

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12 cheap gifts for photographers this Christmas that are actually pretty cool

Nov 23, 2012 Category: Reviews

Standard camera straps can often be more of an annoyance than a helpful device for lifting your camera. The Black Rapid Camera strap is different, it attaches to the bottom of your camera and you wear it across your body for maximum comfort and quick access.

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Double Slim (DR-2) Review by Renee Millman of AbsoluteGadget.com

Oct 22, 2012 Category: Reviews

Carrying two cameras seem like an impossible endeavor?  Why not try the Double (DR-1) or the Double Slim (DR-2)? Renee Millman is one proshooter who picked the Double Slim strap above all others to carry his gear two-cameras-with-vertical-grips setup. What about you?

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