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Reflections on Oaxaca

Nov 06, 2013 Category: Travel

As I write this, I’ve just returned from an amazing, exhausting and exhilarating adventure in Oaxaca, Mexico for the Day of the Dead celebrations.  Organized by Jeffrey Chapman, of Within The Frame Adventures, we were lucky to have David Duchemin along for inspiration.  What made this trip, for me, was the incredible group of diverse talents that we had on this journey.  Ten creatives all bound by their love of craft.  Two talented

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New York Building Old with New

Nov 02, 2013 By Ron Henry | Category: Travel

New York Cities Ground Zero, site of the Sept 11th attacks. Through the streets of old with its vast history a new tower appears, reflecting cloudy sky’s and possibly ourselves as Americans standing on the horizon - i had mixed feelings as i stood there but walked away with only more questions: why and really who we are as Americans and how do we reflect ourselves to the rest of the world.

Slowing Down and Connecting

Oct 29, 2013 Category: Travel

I’ve now been in Oaxaca, Mexico for almost 4 days and things are starting to come together.  Today I visited the town of Mitla, a small town with a small, active market and some of the most important archeological ruins in the area, a pre-columbian settlement.  As I’m not a big fan of “ruins”, I wanted to celebrate the living as opposed to the dead so, while others in my group checked out the inner tombs, I wanted to see what else I could photograph.

Off in a distant corner, under some trees, were

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