Charlie Hamilton James

Charlie Hamilton James

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Name: Charlie Hamilton James

Photography Genre: Conservation photojournalist

Hometown: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Career Highlight #1: Getting my first assignment with National Geographic Magazine

Career Highlight #2: Becoming a Fellow for the National Geographic Society

Career Highlight #3: Winning 'Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year 2016'


Favorite BLACKRAPID product Double Breathe and Sport Breathe

Age you took your first photo? What camera did you use? 14 yrs old - My Dad gave me a Nikkormat EL for my birthday

When did you realize that you wanted to be a professional photographer? When I was 14 I wanted to work for National Geographic

Who inspires you? Brent Stirton is my hero. David Guttenfelder and William Albert Allard too, oh and Jodi Cobb

What camera do you use to capture most of your work? Probably my Canon 1dx mk2 and my Leica M240

If I could photograph anyone in the world, alive or deceased, it would be…. David Attenborough - he's a living legend.

What do you do when not taking photos? I'm never not taking photos

Favorite place on Earth? Serenegti National Park, followed by Grand Teton National Park

One piece of advice for someone at the beginning stages of their photography career? Think different - everyone's out there shooting the same stuff. Think to yourself - how can I shoot the same stuff differently. That makes you stand out and pushes you to be more creative.

How do you "Live The Moment"? I spend a lot of time outside - I find it hard to live in the moment inside

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