Christian Black

Christian Black

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Name: Christian Black

Photography Genre: Movie Stills and Extreme Sports

Hometown: Brighton, UK

Resides: Brighton, UK

Career Highlight #1: Became photo editor for the biggest kitesurfing magazine in the industry, enabling me to travel and shoot in some of the most exotic locations around the world

Career Highlight #2: Shooting stills on mission impossible: rouge nation

Career Highlight #3: Getting a photography agent

Age you took your first photo? What camera did you use? 10 years old. A Kodak disc camera! Then moved on to my mum's old Pentax ME Super

When did you realize that you wanted to be a professional photographer? I had ideas of becoming a pro photographer even as young as 12 years old, but didn't do much about it until I was 18. Then went fully professional in 1999 when I was 23.

Who inspires you? James Nachtwey, Steve McCurry, Paul Nicklen, Clark Little

What camera do you use to capture most of your work? Canon 1D X and 5D IV

If I could photograph anyone in the world, alive or deceased, it would be…. To be honest I don't have a particular person that I feel I'd really love to shoot. It's more about locations for me. Antarctica has been at the top of my list for decades!

What do you do when not taking photos? Go snowboarding, ride motorbikes, skydive, scuba dive, freedive, travel, etc

Favorite place on Earth? Too many places, for too many reasons

One piece of advice for someone at the beginning stages of their photography career? Shoot what you are passionate about and never give up

How do you "Live The Moment"? I'm a very impulsive person! So if I want to do something then I'll find a way to do it

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