Alan Lawrence/ Project Management & Photography

What do you do at BlackRapid?
Blogger, Photography & Project Management

How do you live the moment?
My approach to life has always been to live each day as if it were my last which is why I was so excited to join the BlackRapid team. I live the moment by doing what I love, being a good person and trying to make a difference in this world.

What is your favorite "Live the Moment" memory?
While white water rafting down the Snake River, we stopped to climb a cliff that overlooked the next set of rapids. My eyes glazed over as I stared at the churning cauldron known as Devil's Hole, a class 5 rapid followed immediately by a class 4. The river guide came up to me and said it was my turn to take the rubber duck, basically a rubber raft with no sides. When he saw the fear in my eyes, he shamed me into saying I'd do it.

I knew it was a mistake when I felt the current draw me towards this wall of water that swept in all directions. Daylight was nowhere to be seen as I pumped my way through the first rapid. As I entered the second, a wall of water hit me head on that flipped me and the raft backwards. I thought it was over until I felt two hands on my lifejacket pull me out of the water to the safety of the main raft. It was exhilarating! That night, while soaking in the cool water at the side of the river where we camped, I proposed to my girlfriend, now my wife. That was my moment!

How do you help others live the moment?
As a ride leader for the Cascade Bicycle Club, I lead over 4000 miles worth of rides each year for hundreds of cyclists. Also, as a photography instructor around Seattle, I help others live the moment by helping them with their craft and to achieve that perfect photo that captures THEIR moments.