Becky Neff/ Product Development

What do you do at BlackRapid?
I'm the product designer/technical designer.

How do you live the moment?
I live the moment by attempting to be in the moment. Whether I'm in the car, in line at the grocery store or reading a book at a coffee shop, I try to appreciate whatever it is that I'm doing or experiencing. That being said, my first choice of where I would like to be is on a walk/hike with my dogs and husband.

What is your favorite "Live the Moment" memory?
I ran a half marathon in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and at about the halfway mark we ran across the Golden Gate Bridge. For those beautiful few minutes it was easy to forget that all I wanted was a cheeseburger, a Snuggie, and a nap.

How do you help others live the moment?
I like to encourage people to find whatever it is that makes them happiest, and to do that thing as often as possible.