• Ron Henry

    (The one without the collar)

Ron Henry / Founder & CEO

What do you do at BlackRapid?
Founder & CEO

How do you live the moment?
I live the moment by trying to eat healthy, lead an active lifestyle and finding balance in life. By being a part of BlackRapid, I connect with a lot of inspiring people who motivate me to Live the Moment.

What is your favorite "Live the Moment" memory?
I find that through visualization and taking control of my life, I have been able to create something bigger and better than I ever thought I would. That is when the great Live the Moments come.

How do you help others live the moment?
I hope that what I have been able to achieve inspires others to do the same. It has been my vision for BlackRapid to create the kind of environment that will allow others to grow and find inspiration within the BlackRapid experience.

Ron Henry is the founder of BlackRapid Inc., makers of the revolutionary R-Strap camera sling. Henry’s invention of the R-Strap literally turned photography upside down. Inspired by Elliott Erwitt and Henri Cartier Bresson, Henry is a professional photographer and his history includes shooting weddings, portraits, celebrity musicians, concerts, and high-profile sporting events. Henry is the creative force behind all of BlackRapid’s product development.

“I was sitting around playing with a standard issue camera strap in 2006 and thought ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that connected through your tripod socket, hanging the camera upside down and allowing it to slide up the strap instead of being connected to it?’” Those insights led to the patented and award winning R-strap and the founding of BlackRapid in 2008.

Since then, Henry has developed the SnapR bag series and the LensBling cap labeling system as part of his drive to find innovative solutions to solve common photography pain points.

Henry believes in the power of positive thinking visualization and holistically living. Ron lives in Seattle with his dog Woof.

In keeping with his philanthropic mindset and strong belief in “giving back”, Henry hosts photography events nationwide, often with luminaries from the photography world, and also does local work with Youth In Focus, a Seattle-based organization which teaches photography skills to at-risk youth, and is also active with Dog Charities.

Henry is originally from a small town in Northern Idaho.