BlackRapid Recommends

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at trade shows is,

“Which strap should I use for this activity?”

And while its true that to some degree its a matter of taste and storage requirements- We’ve definitely got some recommendations to send you in what we feel is an informed direction.

Here’s a simple table with our recommendations for which straps we feel work best in given scenarios.

Weddings, Fashion,
& Events
& Vacation
Sports & Outdoor,
Landscape, Wildlife
Food, Art,
& Studio

Double Straps

Cargo (RS-5)

Sport Straps

Curve (RS-7)

Cargo (RS-5)

Women’s (RS-W1)

Curve (RS-7)

Classic (RS-4)

“How do I know if I should purchase a Slim strap?”

We recommend the Slim version for you if you measure yourself from point 1 (see diagram below) to point 2 and the length is 38cm (15”) or less.  This is the area where the pad will rest comfortably in front all the way back to your shoulder blade.  If you will be using heavier gear, we recommend trying the non-slim straps because the wider pad will help distribute the weight better.