BlackRapid provides an array of straps, bags and accessories that enhance your photography experience with speed, comfort, and efficiency. Many of our designs are inspired by you, the active shooter.

BlackRapid launched the Original Camera Sling™ in 2008. The patented, award winning R-Strap system by BlackRapid turned the photography industry upside down and is the first camera sling strap developed and introduced to the world by a professional photographer. The R-Strap fits comfortably from your shoulder, diagonally across your chest, hanging your camera upside down at the hip; ready for you to quickly Grab, Glide and Click™ into an upright position. It’s that simple.

SnapR award winning bags provide extra protection and storage for most micro 4/3 systems and point and shoot cameras; by integrating the R-Strap design with a complete Grab, Glide and Click™ approach… It’s always by your side.

LensBling by BlackRapid is the first of its kind. A rear lens-cap with bold, bright focal-length numbers that make it easy to identify your lens quickly. Cap-It with LensBling.

BlackRapid is recognized for its excellent customer relations and continuous innovation in product development. Our goal is to offer you quality products that enhance your shooting experience so that you can Live The Moment™.

Watch our videos to learn more about us and better understand our product line. BlackRapid works with most shooting styles, so take some time to find what fits you best.


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- The BlackRapid Team