Composing Powerful Images in Natural Light

June 28, 2014

Come learn some great tips and techniques for capturing that extraordinary photo from award winning Seattle photographer and National Geographic Expedition’s instructor, Anita Nowacka.  Anita presents a workshop for photographers who are seeking to improve their skills.
Anita will discuss her artistically comprehensive process of creating powerful images in natural light She will cover layout methods, which will help you become a more successful photographer.
Examining both historic and contemporary images, instruction will focus on composition and messages conveyed by photos. Visual exercises will be suggested to help you strengthen your work.
All participants must bring a digital SLR camera and a laptop computer is highly recommened.  We end the day with a quick edit and critique session, after an hour of photography at Kerry’s Park, located near Queen Anne Hill.
Lunch included, as well as some great BlackRapid door prizes.
For more information about Anita please visit her website: