Ode to Contemplation - A Photography Exhibit by Oliver Klink

August 28, 2014

When you go to the same place many times, you see the changes, the influence of the environment, the weather patterns. You find yourself surrounded by more than just attractive vistas. Images tell stories, hold history and have personalities. The locations become magical. It dares you to feel what is left unsaid, forcing you to imagine the sounds, the smells, and the total life of what was captured in the frame.

“In my work I don’t seek to show the problems of the universe, I seek to find an ideal to go beyond. On the other hand, the established system urges us to do everything in less time. Time has been accelerated and therefore life has been reduced. In this sense, my work is an ode to contemplation, a stop to observe our environment and reflect on what we see” says Klink.

Ode to Contemplation takes us on a journey to discover the untamed frontiers of Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland and Africa. Wild and windswept yet far from being a wasteland, Antarctica is an alluring blend of everything and nothingness. Requiring a long and often testing journey to reach, it is often said that Antarctica has to be ‘earned’. The reward, however, is unmatched.

Alaska and Iceland, although easier to reach, draw parallels with Antarctica. The feel of solitude and the wilderness experience pull people to reconnect with the natural world.

Africa stands alone in its capacity to deliver the kind of thrills that inspire sheer adulation towards the natural world. Much like the wildlife for which it is famed, Africa is a rewarding, eye-opening destination, which challenges perceptions and broadens horizons.

15 large size images are on display at BlackRapid Studio. The shear size of the photographs makes you feel that you are part of the scene.
Additional information can be found at www.incredibletravelphotos.com