Seattle Panoramic Seminar

August 29, 2014

Panoramic photography captivates collectors and photographers alike. The unique format gives you the feel of being part of the scene. How are they done? What makes a good pano? What are the limitations?
Oliver Klink will walk us thru his workflow to create panoramic images. He has created images as large as 95"x195” from over 100 images taken with a digital medium format Hasselblad 50 megapixel camera.
The first part of the seminar will be insights on how to successfully capture panoramic images that have impact. In part 2, we’ll go over processing and stitching images, comparing various options. Part 3 will be a discussion about final output either as a print or electronic viewing.

Thanks to Oliver’s sponsors, we are going to have raffle prizes worth over $1,000. Here is what we know we’ll be giving away so far:
Helicon Premium license: $240
Helicon Pro license: $200
Helicon Lite license: $115
Zerene Stacker Pro: $189
PTGUI Personal license: $112
BlackRapid Straps

Discount Codes from various manufacturers:
ColorByte software: $50 off
Zerene: 10 - 20% off
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… and more.

About Oliver Klink:
Oliver travels the world to capture the intricacy and interconnectedness of our ecosystems. The subjects range from fine art wildlife to vanishing traditions. His work has received many awards, been exhibited in galleries and museum, and published with National Geographic, Days of Japan, Black &White; magazine, Popular Photography magazine, among others.