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Ron Wyatt

“Photographing the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games was the ultimate photography assignment for me and my BlackRapid gear made my experience intuitive, comfortable and efficient.”- Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt’s first experience with photography was an unsuccessful photo documentation of his honeymoon. Armed with a borrow instamatic camera, he learned that camera shake will not produce great photos. Ron, a self-taught photographer has covered the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. He also photographed two Summer Olympic Games. His photos have appeared in various publications such as: USA Today, Black Enterprise Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek TV Guide, ESPN and others.  He currently covers corporate assignments for, Six Flags, Eastman Kodak, Continental Airlines, CVS, Pepsico, Verizon and many others. His Photography has allowed him to traveled to various parts of the world. I was assigned by Kodak to photograph two Summer Olympic Games, (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008). His Olympic work was feature in the Nov. 2008 issue of Studio Photography and a 7 page spread in the July 2009 issue of RangeFinder Magazine.

American Photo July/August 2012 call Ron Wyatt A Modern Master Of The Olympics, His works is also feature in the August 2012 issue of Popular Photography. He is also feature in issue 124 of Digital Photographer UK.

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